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My practice is predominantly in two disciplines, printmaking and sculpture. I document my relationships to places and objects through their impact on identity and memory, my practice often reflects my history. I am fascinated by the way in which place and object imprint on our memory, and how they affect our creations, reflections and views of the world and spaces we inhabit and reach for.


During my degree course at Bath Spa University I have reflected on domestic space and the objects we choose, how we represent ourselves and our ideals. This led to my recent projects which have a greater focus on the display of artworks, investigating the relationship between gallery spaces and the art exhibited. I have focused on the impact of temporal and spatial contexts in exhibitions and their influence on the accessibility and responses to art. Through these explorations I have designed and built a miniature gallery space in which I exhibited my own artwork, curating exhibitions with other artists also exploring the impact of scale on their art. Miniaturising artworks overcomes the financial and physical constraints that may limit an artist. The scaled down gallery manifests different ways of creating, exploring my work and the art world.


My employment has included facilitating event management in local government, managing a pub, visitor services in museums and art galleries, administrating with a specialist education centre and painting models for miniature hobbyists business. I have dyslexia, I started receiving support at the age of 7. This has allowed me to develop coping mechanisms and learn to appreciate the benefits of being a creative, lateral thinker and the additional skills a dyslexic brain has. I chose to return to full time education in 2015, having previously specialised in science at school and university.   I completed a BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Art in 2017 with a D*D*D*, securing my current place at Bath Spa University, studying Contemporary Arts Practice. I expect to graduate this summer with a Bachelors of Arts with Honours in Contemporary Arts Practice Specialised.


In 2017 I completed a large knitting sculpture as part of my BTEC final project, exploring the relationship between family generations and inherited skills. This achieved a Guinness World Record for the World’s largest knitting needles, recognised in the 2019 Guinness World Records book, creating opportunities for media interviews promoting both my work and the book. The knitting needles were sold to Ripley Entertainment Inc. in the USA becoming part of their permanent collection. During my degree course I have publicly exhibited in group exhibitions at Walcot Chapel Gallery, Holburne Museum, Museum of Bath at Work and the Chippenham Campus of Wiltshire College. I have also had a solo exhibition at The Cross Keys Inn, Wiltshire. I frequently deliver commissions for private collections. I will be exhibiting in the Bath School of Art Degree Show and in a group exhibition at the Bargehouse Gallery in London, originally planned for July 2020, now proposed for 2021.

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